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Mobility & IoT Challenges And Opportunities In The Oil Depression

The price of a barrel of crude oil has slid some 70 per cent in the past 18 months with catastrophic effects for many in the hydrocarbons sectors.

Record bankruptcies and redundancies have shaken the fabric of the oil and gas sector worldwide, with companies looking to make swingeing efficiencies in times of tightening belts. More and more, organisations are looking to technology to help streamline operations and drive cost reductions. This is where mobile technology and the internet of things can come to the fore like never before.

In the following infographic we look at where those in the oil and gas industry find themselves on the mobility journey, and where they see the opportunities and difficulties on the way….

The Year that Oil and Gas Bought into Cell - Predictions for 2016

In 2015, there were an estimated 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions worldwide. It is estimated that by 2020 this number will potentially swell to 6.1 billion. According to Cisco, the total number of connected devices expected to be in place by 2020 will number 50 billion. That is six pieces of connected hardware for every human being on Planet Earth. McKinsey estimate that the industry will be worth $11 trillion by 2025. Twenty years ago it would have been pure science fiction to imagine that such a large percentage of the developed world could access the internet from a pocket-size computer. Today, the mobile revolution and the much evangelised “Internet of Things” (IoT) has taken citizens and businesses to the next stage of real-time device/machine connectivity, data access and decision processing.  Read more about this will rock the Oil and gas world by viewing the article now. 

IoT and Mobility: Dispelling the myth of the bank-breaking rollout

The dip in oil prices of more than 70 per cent in the past 18 months has put palpable strain on oil and gas companies to make ends meet while still maintaining standards in productivity and safety.

In such testing times, new technology implementation is often frowned upon due to cost and return on investment (ROI) concerns. Deployment of mobile device solutions has taken a backseat amongst wide-scale corporate downsizing and cost-cutting exercises. Yet this should not be the case.

In this interview, we speak with a veteran mobility and enterprise architecture professional about how the trope of the “costly tech rollout” simply is not a reality when it comes to going mobile.

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What Does 2015 Have in Store for Mobility in Oil & Gas?

Read the results of Oil & Gas IQ's survey of senior IT professionals in this handy infographic.

Mobility: From Strategy To Roll Out & The 5 Pitfalls To Avoid On The Way

According to different sources, the Internet of Things will comprise anywhere between 10 and 40 billion connected devices by 2020, with a financial ecosystem surpassing $1 trillion. The oil and gas industry is keeping pace with the rest of the business world in its quest for productivity through connectivity, and many companies are going full steam ahead with mobility roll-outs, even in times of low oil price. 

In the following analysis we take a look at some of the reasons why to embark on a mobility programme and how to avoid some of the classic pitfalls that companies across the business world have fallen foul of again and again.

The Mobility Journey: Oil & Gas Should Think Of ROI As "Return On Innovation"

In this exclusive interview for Oil & Gas IQ, Satyam Priyadarshy, Chief Data Scientist at Halliburton, speaks to us about the discipline of data science, and why the modern CIO must harness this for companies to win in the big data revolution.
Read the transcript here (or email for your copy).


Oil and Gas Mobility 2016 - Attendee List

Find out just some of the people you will be meeting onsite at Oil and Gas Mobility 2016

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Oil and Gas CIO Survey Results 2013

Thsi survey of CIOs, IT Directors and active project leaders from Oil & Gas IQ, portrays their top 10 priorities for 2013 and current mobility, big data and cyber security challenges. Download your copy here.

Upwardly Mobile? Unleashing Mobile Solutions On The Oil & Gas Industry

As mobile devices have progressed from 1G to 4G in the last three decades, these hand-held data repositories and transmitters have become an integral part of 21st century industry.

In this infographic, we look at how oil and gas has embraced the mobile revolution, the verticals that will benefit most from mobile connectivity and the devices that will be rolled out in the next 12 months


2014 Presentation: Behavioral Change Management – A key to a successful implementation

Malcolm Hope, Program Manager, Mobile Field Computing at Chevron discusses:
  • What is Behavioral Change Management?
  • What is in it for me, WIIFM?
  • Engagement at start of project
  • Identify key leaders, and influential end users
  • Get the end users to own the solution

Utilities/Oil & Gas Mobility – Basics - ROI

View Christopher Barron, Global Chief Information Officer at Valerus' presentation from the 1st Oil & Gas Mobility Summit.
• A tale of the caterpillar and the butterfly
• ROI starts with people
• Always start with the basics
• Process and ROI – the “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup”
• Move beyond the Physical
• Centralize to Save
• End user devices and mobility
• The goldmine of mobility – Desktop Virtualization
• The One Thing you should never do in a live speech


5 Reasons You Should Embrace Mobile Technology

Mobility has become an enterprise requirement for the oil and gas sector. Smartphones and tablets combined make up 70% of all electronic devices sold in 2012 totalling an estimated 821 million units by year’s end. Read this article for the 5 reasons your organisation should be implementing a mobility strategy.


3 Critical Success Factors for Mobility in Oil and Gas

In this exclusive interview for Oil & Gas IQ we speak with Mobility and Technology Expert, Quinton Crenshaw on the elements that he believes to constitute a winning mobility rollout.

Quinton is the former Senior Manager for Collaboration, Mobility, Unified Messaging and Content Management at US independent Devon Energy where his responsibilities included endpoint computing, collaboration and support for Devon’s 7,000 workers. 

In his interview Quinton looks at his 3 critical success factors to a mobility roll out:

  • Governance
  • Flexibility
  • Speed


Recognizing the Value of Untapped Data: Big Data and Analytics in Oil and Gas

In this white paper, IDC Energy Insights addresses the use of Big Data and analytics in the oil and gas industry. New technology has made possible access to greater volumes of a variety of data at higher velocities.

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