Where Does Mobility Currently Stand Within Oil Price Volatility?

The convergence of smart phones, and tablets with new developments in cloud computing, wireless communications, IOT, data storage, middleware and software are building quickly toward a revolution in mobile computing systems in the exploration, drilling and production industry.

With oil and gas professionals already thoroughly connected to IOT, cellular wireless networks, and microchips firmly embedded in every imaginable upstream oil and gas business process, a new generation of mobile hardware and software solutions is positioned to introduce potentially game-changing possibilities that re-shape workflows across corporate disciplinary domains – from executives to managers, to geologists and geophysicists, to drilling and production engineers.

Oil price volatility is having an impact on all departments, specifically within the IT sector there is a focus on ensuing that productivity can continue despite the fact that there must be cut backs and reorganisation within companies. There is then an ever increasing focus on IOT ensuring that companies access information when and where it is most needed In a way to improve operational capabilities and reduce costs. Companies must stay operational especially within the projects they are currently working on, meaning they must re-strategise and possibly invest into mobile-based solutions to deliver on-demand intelligence, improved information flow, and increased field-force productivity.

The 5th Annual Oil & Gas Mobility Summit will will bring together 100 senior IT representatives from the oil and gas industry to discuss and debate the techniques and challenges of implementing their mobility strategy. Discover who you could meet onsite with an insider look into the event last year.

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Highlights This Year Include


Learn how to strategically enhance your mobility platforms within volatile markets through the expertise and experience of Chevron, Baker Hughes, Turkish Petroleum Corporation, and Halliburton to name a few


Develop a greater depth of knowledge from your entire team through multidisciplinary perspective sessions and cross sector roundtables that will help all members of your project team


An outstanding opportunity to explore the practices and experiences of CIOs, CTO, Heads of Mobility and Senior Digital Oilfield Advisers from the upstream, downstream and midstream sectors instilling you with the knowledge to tackle mobile device demands and ensure your mobile device management is a strategic investment


Maximise your cross sector knowledge through 6 and half hours of dedicated networking with global leading mobility heads to ensure you avoid common pitfalls and achieve project success


Participate in the only Oil & Gas Mobility conference for the Houston market helping you understand the unique challenges faced in the region for IT and technology adoption and identifying new revenue streams

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